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Airdale Primary School was opened in May 1966, with an enrolment of 250 children. The name ‘Airdale’ was originally given to the area by an early landowner and subsequently chosen by the Department for the school’s name.

Student numbers continued to grow and in 1978 Airdale Junior Primary School was established, as it was considered educationally undesirable to have primary schools with enrolment numbers greater than 500.

In the late 1990s student numbers dropped considerably, culminating in the amalgamation of the two schools in 2000 to form Airdale Primary School (R – 7).

The old Junior Primary School is now home to the Learning Together Centre and the YMCA OSHC/Vacation Care program.

In keeping with the location of the school on Anzac Road, the four school houses: Blackburn, Inwood, Cosgrove and Jensen are named after four South Australian World War I Victoria Cross winners.

We are very proud of our school and are pleased that you have chosen to join the Airdale Primary School Community.